Spring Cleaning Checklist

Where should you begin cleaning your home this Spring? Follow your intuition! In case you have none , here is an easy list to go by.

Cleaning Supply Closet

You can’t clean without supplies and you can’t clean with dirty tools either. Provide yourself the inspiration to clean by sprucing up your cleaning supply closets and cupboards. Do you have everything you need and is it in good condition? Are there upgrades to tools and products that will likely assist you this season? Now is the time to begin making the transition to greener cleaning products. Make a list of things that need buying or replacing such as brooms, mop heads, and all-purpose cleaning liquid to start with a few. Buy some disposable or reusable gloves, an apron, and put on some happy music you enjoy to get yourself in the mood.

Stale Air

Remove any window sealing plastic if you live in a cold weather climate and open windows as you clean. Employ every fan you own. Face fans away from you to draw stale air from the home and out the window. To cleanse the air of any odor or contaminants you might consider making a mixture of vinegar water to spray around. Consider making adjustments to your heating and cooling system in rooms of the home that don’t get good ventilation. Clean mold and mildew in bathrooms and basements with diluted bleach mixtures. Don’t take mold lightly, it’s extremely dangerous. Call a professional if you need assistance in the matter.

Typical Clutter

Typical clutter includes paper, unfinished craft projects, and excess clothes. Donate items you haven’t used in over a year and pack away clothes you won’t be wearing the next season (3-6 months from now) in rubber maid bins. Put dryer sheets in the storage containers to prevent smells from generating in the off season and be sure to seal the containers well from bug infestation or anything that would love the warmth of your clothing to nest in. Plastic garbage bags aren’t ideal. Cardboard boxes too can be a bug’s favorite place to nest.

Floors, Walls, and Surfaces

It’s likely that your surfaces have been neglected over the winter months. Many people like to clean their home from the ceiling down because it makes sense to clean falling debris only once. Your ceiling fans should be hit first with a bucket of cleanser and a cloth. Thoroughly clean corners and toe kicks of hardwood, linoleum, and tile floors. Consider renting a carpet cleaner or employing a company to do each room. It’s rather affordable. Walls, windows, and countertops, of course, should see a once-over.

Spruce Furniture

Mild soap and water in a bucket, applied with just a damp cloth is often enough to clean the surfaces of furniture, indoor and outdoor. You can also clean stuffed animals and pillows this way as well. Wooden furniture and home fixtures should be cleaned thoroughly and polished with a product designed specifically for wood or a natural oil.