Pressure Washing 101

A pressure washer is usually a hose that is connected to running water inside a home or a building and also a running motor that creates the force or pressure behind the water, hence the name pressure wash. You’ve likely seen commercial buildings and parking lots being pressure washed to bring it to its best state for an optimal public image, the first point of contact, but there are countless other applications for it. The largest benefit of pressure washing what you can do manually is cutting your time in half. Your minimizing your safety risk and saving your back by employing a technique that can reach heights and places that you can’t.

Pressure washing can be applied to driveways, siding, roofs, grills, decks, cars and more. There are pressure washing products on the market for home use, but there are several things to consider when comparing home pressure washers to easily hiring a company to do this work for you. The first precaution is that the force behind the water makes it a deadly weapon that could severely injure a person if not used properly. Also, if you damage your property you are the only person liable. A professional will likely have different washers with different levels of force and know which projects to use them on. They will definitely have a higher powered pressure washer than you, if your project requires it. If you are consider an option in between, renting, be aware that you are aware of any damage you cause and that the item might not be in its best proper working order from being rented over and over again.

Pressure washing can cost between .08 and .80 per square foot and wash a number of things. If you do decide to move forward with this maintenance service, you can call your local commercial cleaner with your ideas and get their quote, references, insurance, bonding and licensure if you wish. Additional questions to ask maybe whether they use environmentally friendly products, hot or cold water (hot is optimal on hard to get stains), what range of pressure will be used and if they have any guarantees or promises to offer you.

All things considered, some things are best left to the professionals. For the cost, risk and reward factors, it’s best to hire a professional the first time you wish to pressure wash any element of your home or business. After you’ve learned the process you might consider purchasing a product for smaller things such as washing your driveway or car. One thing is certain. There is no debate as to how the appearance of a clean sided and roofed home can sell or make a store seem more inviting and safe!