Easy Easter Celebration Checklist

Want to have a small gathering at your home for Easter? Here is a simple checklist to involve in your planning to insure you have all the elements of a good Easter celebration to satisfy all your guest’s ages. Some suggestions can be used for larger celebrations or celebrations put on by churches or businesses as well.


Common main meals for Easter include lamb and ham. This is because of the holiday’s Christian roots. Lamb would have been the meat eaten by Jesus at his last supper. The main meal became ham sometime later when it was the only animal that could be preserved well by salt or the only animal big enough to be harvest around Easter time. Popular sides and appetizers include deviled eggs, cakes, Au gratin potatoes, and carrots. The children usually spoil dinner with candy, of course! If you have a traditional Easter egg hunt be sure to consider food allergies by getting candy that is peanut-, dairy-, and gluten-free.


Bunnies, chicks, and lambs are popular animals to decorate Easter celebrations with because they have a rich history with Pagan, Christian, and other religious roots. Pagan fertility and Spring goddess, Eostre saved a cold bird one winter by turning him into a bunny that was kept warm by its fur. The bunny, however, continued to lay eggs like the bird it once was and turned its eggs into beautiful decorations as a gift of thanks. Eggs were also made popular by Christianity’s story of Mary Magdalene going to an emperor with a plain white egg and telling him that Jesus has risen. The emperor laughed and told her that the egg would more likely turn red, and it did! The serious, somber themes of death and life were made light for children by using pastel colors, fluffy baby animals, and fun activities. Choose the elements most important to you and use them as centerpiece and table setting inspiration. The attention to aesthetic details will satisfy both children and adults, especially when you know the stories behind them.


Petting zoos are an awesome way to enhance your guest’s Easter experience. Children will love this more than anyone and the adults can assist the children by teaching them about the animals and how to be hygienic when handling them. Chicks, bunnies, sheep, lambs, and goats, are popular additions to the petting zoo, but just one at an intimate party can be just as good.

Adults enjoy activities as well; some games include an egg decorating or painting contest and an Easter costume or dress code contest. Adults still love any excuse to act like children! They can wear pastels, bunny ears, masks, face paint, or head-to-toe costumes and be considered in the contest.

An activity both adults and children enjoy is performing and watching some of the Easter related stories. Volunteers can quickly teach the children their roles and provide them costume pieces to make the performance more convincing. Everyone should have a great laugh over the play that was rehearsed in just 15 minutes! If you’re able to teach the audience a song or a way of interacting with the play, that’s even better!


If your guests are shy or you’re not looking to get that involved with organizing people and activities, you can hire entertainment such as an Easter bunny! Magicians with bunny-from-hat tricks can also be a good choice for entertaining guests.