Easy Easter Celebration Checklist

Want to have a small gathering at your home for Easter? Here is a simple checklist to involve in your planning to insure you have all the elements of a good Easter celebration to satisfy all your guest’s ages. Some suggestions can be used for larger celebrations or celebrations put on by churches or businesses as well.


Common main meals for Easter include lamb and ham. This is because of the holiday’s Christian roots. Lamb would have been the meat eaten by Jesus at his last supper. The main meal became ham sometime later when it was the only animal that could be preserved well by salt or the only animal big enough to be harvest around Easter time. Popular sides and appetizers include deviled eggs, cakes, Au gratin potatoes, and carrots. The children usually spoil dinner with candy, of course! If you have a traditional Easter egg hunt be sure to consider food allergies by getting candy that is peanut-, dairy-, and gluten-free.


Bunnies, chicks, and lambs are popular animals to decorate Easter celebrations with because they have a rich history with Pagan, Christian, and other religious roots. Pagan fertility and Spring goddess, Eostre saved a cold bird one winter by turning him into a bunny that was kept warm by its fur. The bunny, however, continued to lay eggs like the bird it once was and turned its eggs into beautiful decorations as a gift of thanks. Eggs were also made popular by Christianity’s story of Mary Magdalene going to an emperor with a plain white egg and telling him that Jesus has risen. The emperor laughed and told her that the egg would more likely turn red, and it did! The serious, somber themes of death and life were made light for children by using pastel colors, fluffy baby animals, and fun activities. Choose the elements most important to you and use them as centerpiece and table setting inspiration. The attention to aesthetic details will satisfy both children and adults, especially when you know the stories behind them.


Petting zoos are an awesome way to enhance your guest’s Easter experience. Children will love this more than anyone and the adults can assist the children by teaching them about the animals and how to be hygienic when handling them. Chicks, bunnies, sheep, lambs, and goats, are popular additions to the petting zoo, but just one at an intimate party can be just as good.

Adults enjoy activities as well; some games include an egg decorating or painting contest and an Easter costume or dress code contest. Adults still love any excuse to act like children! They can wear pastels, bunny ears, masks, face paint, or head-to-toe costumes and be considered in the contest.

An activity both adults and children enjoy is performing and watching some of the Easter related stories. Volunteers can quickly teach the children their roles and provide them costume pieces to make the performance more convincing. Everyone should have a great laugh over the play that was rehearsed in just 15 minutes! If you’re able to teach the audience a song or a way of interacting with the play, that’s even better!


If your guests are shy or you’re not looking to get that involved with organizing people and activities, you can hire entertainment such as an Easter bunny! Magicians with bunny-from-hat tricks can also be a good choice for entertaining guests.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Where should you begin cleaning your home this Spring? Follow your intuition! In case you have none , here is an easy list to go by.

Cleaning Supply Closet

You can’t clean without supplies and you can’t clean with dirty tools either. Provide yourself the inspiration to clean by sprucing up your cleaning supply closets and cupboards. Do you have everything you need and is it in good condition? Are there upgrades to tools and products that will likely assist you this season? Now is the time to begin making the transition to greener cleaning products. Make a list of things that need buying or replacing such as brooms, mop heads, and all-purpose cleaning liquid to start with a few. Buy some disposable or reusable gloves, an apron, and put on some happy music you enjoy to get yourself in the mood.

Stale Air

Remove any window sealing plastic if you live in a cold weather climate and open windows as you clean. Employ every fan you own. Face fans away from you to draw stale air from the home and out the window. To cleanse the air of any odor or contaminants you might consider making a mixture of vinegar water to spray around. Consider making adjustments to your heating and cooling system in rooms of the home that don’t get good ventilation. Clean mold and mildew in bathrooms and basements with diluted bleach mixtures. Don’t take mold lightly, it’s extremely dangerous. Call a professional if you need assistance in the matter.

Typical Clutter

Typical clutter includes paper, unfinished craft projects, and excess clothes. Donate items you haven’t used in over a year and pack away clothes you won’t be wearing the next season (3-6 months from now) in rubber maid bins. Put dryer sheets in the storage containers to prevent smells from generating in the off season and be sure to seal the containers well from bug infestation or anything that would love the warmth of your clothing to nest in. Plastic garbage bags aren’t ideal. Cardboard boxes too can be a bug’s favorite place to nest.

Floors, Walls, and Surfaces

It’s likely that your surfaces have been neglected over the winter months. Many people like to clean their home from the ceiling down because it makes sense to clean falling debris only once. Your ceiling fans should be hit first with a bucket of cleanser and a cloth. Thoroughly clean corners and toe kicks of hardwood, linoleum, and tile floors. Consider renting a carpet cleaner or employing a company to do each room. It’s rather affordable. Walls, windows, and countertops, of course, should see a once-over.

Spruce Furniture

Mild soap and water in a bucket, applied with just a damp cloth is often enough to clean the surfaces of furniture, indoor and outdoor. You can also clean stuffed animals and pillows this way as well. Wooden furniture and home fixtures should be cleaned thoroughly and polished with a product designed specifically for wood or a natural oil.

Ways To Clean Energy In Your Home Or Work Space

As the sun pours through windows and wakes you earlier and earlier, and you’re able to enjoy open windows and fresh air being circulated inside by your favorite fans, you consider all the cleaning that’s not been done over the winter. In addition to actually taking a cleanser bucket and rag to every surface, wall, door, and floor, you might even consider intentionally “clearing the air” in the emotional sense. Some believe that the events that happen in your home, your stress, your thoughts and emotions can soak into all the materials that make up your home including walls, carpet, ceiling, furniture, and objects. Spring is a great time to clear your space’s energy alongside your spring cleaner. Here are other times you might consider clearing the energy:

  • When you move into a new place

  • After an argument

  • When someone moves out

  • After illness or death

  • When you bring an antique or second hand item home

  • Anytime you want good energy for a new beginning or project

Now that you’ve decided to cleanse the home, you need to choose how you’ll do it. There are several ways to do it, and the best one will be based on your preference. The act of clearing largely has to do with the energy you’re holding as you do it, so you should perform the ritual you gravitate toward. You can even forego the supplies and use only your mind by holding the intention strongly to clear the space of negative energy and energy that no longer serves you and other residents. Other popular methods are listed below.

Sage or Sandalwood

Burning an herbal bunch of Sage held together by string is a concept everyone has heard of. You can achieve the same effect (light smoke) by burning a Sandalwood incense. You should use a scent that you will enjoy and not just one you’ll tolerate and if smoke irritates you, consider making a room spray of water, a teaspoon of alcohol such as vodka for preserving and drops of your favorite essential oil. You can even add a meaningful stone or crystal to the spray bottle. If burning, the traditional method is to light it and circle it counter clockwise through each room, getting every inch of space possible, especially corners.

If you’ve burned an herb or scent that isn’t the most pleasing, you can burn something sweet afterward. Some enjoy burning a blade of sweet grass or a different incense. Open East windows and doors to air out the space to allow the energy of the sun to re-energize the space.

Purchase a Special Candle

You can purchase a special candle to dedicate to clearing your space, as well as implementing a new wish that you invest in each time you light the candle. This is a great way to manifest your desires and feel better about situations instantly. A large jar candle with a lid is best, as it burns the longest and can be transported easily. You can make your wish each time you light it, or just the first time and the energy will be imprinted to it.

White Light

Using white light is an important visualization technique of a lot of meditation practices. Many people surround themselves with white light (in their mind) on a regular basis. White light represents an energy that purifies the subjects inside it and illuminates anything it comes into contact with. The same white light can be used to cleanse your home. First, begin by imagining yourself in a white light “egg” if you will. With each deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth, imagine that egg getting larger and larger until it fills the entire room you are in. Then, imagine the white spreading to each room in your home until it’s lit up around its exterior also. Now your home is cleaned inside as well as outside, purifying energies as they walk by or enter your home’s yard and neighborhood!

Declare War On The Germs In The Bathroom

Germs love living and thriving in your bathroom. The warm moist environment is a nice home for them to grow. If there are several people who share a bathroom, then the germs that they carry join the party. All surfaces are subject to contamination including the walls and the floor. Kill the germs and declare victory! However, the war is never over. Regular cleaning of all surfaces with a germ-killing cleaner is necessary. Let’s visit some bathroom surfaces and meet some germs that like to live there.

The Toilet

Meet E-coli, a germ that lives in the digestive tracts of infected humans and animals. If a person infected with E-coli does not wash their fecal contaminated hands after using the toilet they can spread the germ to any other surfaces. Symptoms of an E-coli infection include stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

The Sink

Meet Staphylococcus Aureus, a bacteria that is often found on human skin as well as in the nose and in the respiratory tract. It’s a common cause of skin infections. It’s very important to have clean sinks and towels if you have cuts on your hands so as not to introduce harmful bacteria to them.

The Bathtub

Meet tinea pedis, a skin infection caused by fungus. You may know this condition as athletes foot. A very contagious condition that results in red, scaly, and itchy feet. To minimize the spread of this fungus keep the bathtub and floors clean and don’t share towels. Also treat any foot infections immediately.

The Toothbrush Holder

Meet the cold and flu viruses. Cold and flu viruses can live on hard surfaces for hours. A sneeze can travel over six feet and cover a large area. It may be better to keep your toothbrush in a drawer or closet. Also, consider sanitizing your toothbrush regularly.

The Walls and Floors

All of the above and more can end up on the walls and floor. A sneeze, a splash from a flush, a splash from the sink are common occurrences. And when you walk out of the bathroom, you carry germs into other rooms on your feet. Keep that in mind when you put your feet up on the coffee table.

The Doorknob

Before you go, don’t forget to clean the doorknob. A surface that gets overlooked often.

The 5 Most Germ-Infested Places in Your Office you should know.

People in every place are turning out to be germs conscious. What is more is that, most people are asked to wash their hands like never before.But most people do not do so.

Washing your hands can go far in staying away from the bacteria, these are great initial steps to take. As an entrepreneur, to keep these germs from spreading around your office, you should likewise benefit a vocation of keeping germ-invaded territories clean. Not just does this keep your workers healthy, yet since representatives will take less wiped out days, your business will likewise have the capacity to work more quickly.

To ensure your business doesn’t skirt a beat this season; look at our rundown of The 5 Most Germ-Infested Places in Your Office:

germ-infested-sink-in-the-kitchen-21. The Bakery/Kitchen

Despite the fact that not each business has a kitchen in their office, for those that do, it’s effortlessly the most germ-pervaded spot. Truth to be told, aside from the latrine bowl, your kitchen’s sink is regularly home to a greater number of microbes than anyplace else in the office. That being said, with your kitchen being where workers handle their nourishment, it’s essential to keep your office’s kitchen as clean as could be expected under the circumstances. Things like your fixture/sink, wipes, ledges, cupboard handles, utensil drawers, and even espresso producers are known to slither with microbes, so concentrate additional consideration on these zones when cleaning your kitchen.

2. The Lavatory/Bathroom

Most people think the most germ-plagued spot in the office is, and they’ll let you know the bathroom. It’d be difficult to contend with them as well, seeing as you can get germs like E Coli, fecal microorganisms, salmonella, hepatitis A, Staphylococcus, and so on in most open restrooms. However, it’s not the latrine that will get you. Truth be told, the toilet seat is entirely cleaner than most things you touch with your hands in a lavatory! Rather than only keeping the sink the latrine clean, concentrate on different things you feel, similar to the spigot handles, towel and cleanser containers, entryway handle too.

germ-infested-office-space-23. Your Desk/Counter

Well, wouldn’t you know, where you invest the most energy is additionally one of the dirtiest places in your office! We’re not only discussing that heap of papers around your work area either. Despite the fact that you shouldn’t anticipate that your work area will be as a grimy as the kitchen or lavatory, as your mom would state, “do you even know where those hands have been?!” After snatching your espresso from the kitchen and setting off to the restroom, where do those hands end go down? Everywhere on your console, mouse, telephone, seat, work area, and so forth. To keep germs from spreading, ensure you sterilize your work area.

4. The Elevator

Who would’ve speculated that a minor space regularly loaded with people could be so infested with germs? As you may have speculated, the catches are the dirtiest part of a lift, with some averaging more than 4000 microscopic organisms/square. Inch! That is more than in sinks in your washroom. How about we do not neglect to say the measure of germs and foulness followed into most Hall lifts from outside as well. Aside from keeping lift catches clean, have a go at utilizing a question like a pen, keys, or even the elbow to push lift scores with a specific end goal to keep your hands as clean as could be expected under the circumstances.

5. The Anteroom/Lobby

There many focal points to keeping your room clean. That being said, with your anteroom being a standout among the highest activity regions of your office, it’s likewise more defenseless to germs and microbes. Aside from keeping the installations in your hall clean, leave a jug of hand washed and disinfected at the front work area. That way, it gives visitors a brisk approach to eliminate germs on their way in, after flipping through much of the time touched magazines, and before leaving the office.

While keeping your office germ-free is a difficult task, with these tips from Beneficial Cleaning, you can make a cleaner, more advantageous workplace for your representatives this icy and influenza season. So, it is time to take action and make sure that, the above mentioned places are as clean as possible. That will prevent you and your people fro diseases.

Are Dirty Bathrooms Soiling Your Business’ Reputation?

Housekeeping & cleaning services need dedication & sincerity. The cleaning service is indispensable, when you need to maintain the cleanliness & a positive environment in the home, then you have to hire the very effective cleaning service at the affordable price. Beneficial Cleaning service will do anything in your home.

dirty-commercial-public-bathroom-2What Bathrooms Cleaning Includes.

The bathroom is the place which increases the concern for the hygienic & sanitation. The bathroom must always be very clean as well as hygienic which improves a look of the home. A bathrooms cleaning include sink cleaning, cleaning of the mirrors & tub and toilet cleaning. This service helps you a lot and easily cleans everything without any damage.

Why Choose Beneficial Cleaning.

Beneficial Cleaning provides very effective cleaning service for the home, which includes removing a cobweb and vacuum a floor for the purpose of to keep this shiny as well as tidy. This professional service is the specialized cleaning service along with a vast experience in the bathrooms cleaning. This bathrooms cleaning service is to a highest possible standard. This is possible with the vast problem solving knowledge & experience that have obtained by attending the certification courses in the restoration ad researching by just attending the cleaning conventions in all over this world & by the constant research in the resourcing new cleaning equipments as well as products from this world.

Keep Your Room Always Best

This cleaning schedule outlined without listing the chemical products and the equipment, this is the competitive benefit in the bathrooms cleaning. The dirty restroom will make the negative first impression of the business & turn the consumers away. You need to keep your rooms well maintained and clean in order to attract new customers and maintain them.


The beneficial cleaning make your restroom 100 percent clean. Are you looking for the best bathroom cleaner then this is the right place for you. This service will give 100 percent satisfaction because the customer satisfaction is must for this company. It will also provide guarantee as well as this is well committed to provide the highest quality service. After you deal with this company then you will feel that this is perfect choice for you. This is very well committed to satisfy the customer needs. If the customer does not satisfy with this cleaning service, then the customer can get their money back. But still no one felt bad about this service because it gives more effort for their customers.

A Clean Workplace Makes For Healthier Employees

A clean workplace means healthier employees

The winter season must be a comfortable season for many. It can give you tremendous relief from the heat of the summer sun. People living in the Northern areas of the US can experience snowfall and ice. That should be great fun. However, along with its share of fun, the winter brings the flu and colds as well.

employee-during-flu-season-commercial-cleaning-2Cold statistics:

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that the colds and flu affect between 5% and 20% of the entire US population. This cold and flu season, as the name it reaches its peak in December and extends up to February.

The effects of the flu:

The cold and flu can take a toll on the health of the ordinary person. In addition, it affects the business environment as well. More employees start reporting sick and avail their sick leave thereby affecting the productivity of the company. Costs wise, the estimates for meeting the hospitalization charges of the employees would be in the range of $10.4 billion a year. If this figure were huge, you have to consider that we have not accounted for the productivity loss and the overtime one has to pay for the substitutes. Moreover, the cold and flu are contagious, capable of affecting others as well.

Steps to make it easy:

“A clean workplace means healthier employees.” An employer should emphasize this fact on the employees. The following steps should make it easy for both to live up to the statement above. You should underline the importance of the entire exercise to the cleaning service staff.

· Training to reduce bacterial, viral, and other communicable diseases

The cleaning service staff has an onerous responsibility. You can make them aware of the importance of maintaining cleanliness and eliminating the germs entirely instead of just dusting around the place.

· Train them in the proper way to touch the important touch points:

The communicable diseases spread very fast. People share various electronic equipments such as computer keyboards, mice, telephones, and switches, etc. An infected person can easily pass on the infection to others in case he or she does not exercise complete hygiene. Inculcate the good habits among the cleaning staff in this matter.

· Use the right kind of cleaning equipment:

Ensure that the cleaning service staff has access to and use the right type of cleaning equipment. Educate them about the importance of using the right instruments in the right manner.

· Check the frequency of the cleaning

Cleaning the office areas as frequently as possible should be advisable under such circumstances.

Tips to the employees:

This was as far as the cleaning service staff was concerned. Your employees could do with a few tips as well. You should remember that Cleanliness starts with the self.

· Use disinfectant wipes to clean the work areas as frequently as possible.

· Encourage them to wash their hands every time they use the restrooms. Inculcate the habit of using the hand sanitizer regularly.

· In case the employees are sick, you can ask them to better take rest at home rather than come to the office and infect others in the process.

Final words

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. It is in our hands to keep the workplace clean. A clean workplace means healthier employees and thereby better productivity.

4 Common Reasons For Hiring Professional Commercial Cleaners

Why you need to hire professionals for Cleaning commercial

Have you asked your employees to clean the office on weekends? Why, when there are professional cleaning services that can give you much better results? Besides, you stand to gain several benefits from hiring commercial cleaning services. Here are 4 Ways Every Business Owner Benefits from Commercial Cleaning Services:

Reason 1) Commercial cleaners increase your staff’s productivity

When your workplace is clean, there’s no way you can devote all your energy and time to doing an excellent job every day. Your ambiance is as uncluttered and clean as your mind is focused and less distracted. If you have clients and customers visiting your workplace often, it pays to have a clean office that makes a good impression on them. A clean atmosphere also helps your clients focus on the business at hand with confidence.

Reliability is one of the distinguishing factors that make professional cleaning companies different from other sources. Since they are managed and maintained by the professionals, you can expect to and rely on them to provide good quality services. Availing of Cleaning Services from experts minimizes your staffing issues and ensures that you receive professional cleaning services regularly and at better prices.

Reason 2) Commercial cleaners give you healthy employees

A clean atmosphere promotes good health. If you hire commercial cleaning services, they will work with such a high level of expertise that your office will sparkle with cleanliness and hygiene, keeping your staff healthy and highly productive right through the year.

Usually, bacteria and germs are found in workplaces which are most used by employees. The more employees you have, the higher the chances of bacteria and germs, spreading infection among your staff. Most of the services operating today use environment-friendly cleaning solutions that are safer and better for the occupants and the environment.

Several health benefits are associated with the use of commercial carpet cleaning services. As we outlined in the previous benefit, mildew can be devastating to the health of a household. But, this isn’t the only thing that you should consider regarding carpets and health. Dust and dirt can initiate allergies and provide a breeding ground for various bacteria. The removal of these triggers can drastically improve the air quality in your commercial property.

Reason 3) Commercial cleaners improve the morale of your business

You can easily find a clutch of good commercial cleaning companies that offer their services at affordable prices. All you need to do is to match your needs with the offerings of these companies and watch your business’ morale grow.

When you and your employees come to a neat and clean office, the day starts well and progresses productively. If you have your office vacuumed by professional cleaners and the trash removed regularly, it makes your staff feel well taken care of. Such small but necessary steps help improve your staff’s morale.

By hiring commercial cleaners, your employees will be able to focus on their responsibilities at work without having to worry about cleaning the office. This gives them enough leeway to focus on the job they were hired to do rather than divide their time and mind on cleaning jobs.

Reason 4) Commercial cleaners offer high quality and expert serviceprofessional-commercial-cleaners-2

Due to their training and experience, you can get high-quality service from commercial cleaners. After all, this is their area of expertise. Not only do they come with the most updated and relevant cleaning equipment and knowledge of cleaning commercial spaces, but they also have the products that will help to sparkle your surfaces and keep them clean. They also offer custom cleaning services for companies, which is good to be done on special occasions. Good commercial cleaners are updated with current technologies. They know the latest techniques in cleaning and the newest equipment available. Apart from that, cleaning staff is all trained in their fields.

Commercial cleaning companies have a wealth of knowledge that can help to extend your carpet’s life-expectancy. With so many variations in carpet fibers, padding types, and particular color requirements, it should be noted that not all equipment is designed for use with your carpeting. Instead, you can call on a company’s reputation as a means of ensuring that the equipment being used is designed for your carpeting.

Commercial cleaning organizations have access to several various products such as this to give you the added protection against dirt, grime, food stains, and more. When they visit your commercial property to perform the cleaning, be sure to inquire about particular options they provide to offer the added layer of protection until they visit you again.

Commercial cleaners are cost-effective

Yet another reason to hire commercial cleaners is their cost-effectiveness. While the cleaners clean your office professionally, you can spend that time with your family or pursue your hobbies. Besides, they will achieve a higher level of thoroughness than you or your staff could and in a much shorter timeframe. Getting the services of professional cleaning services is cheaper in the long run than hiring individual janitors.


Today, many businesses resort to outsourcing cleaning services to save time and cost. If you want to hire professional janitors for your commercial property or business, take some time to find alternative companies. There are many providers around, but make sure that you are getting reliable and professional companies.

Regular commercial cleaning services are a key component in the maintenance and care of your commercial property’s carpeting. They can help you to remove stains created by your pets, children, or house guests. And, since they have extensive knowledge about the industry as a whole and the various carpet types, you will get a great cleaning experience every time. Why take the chance with rented equipment?

It is considered an industry standard to have your carpet commercially cleaned twice a year. If you have family members that have health issues, you may want to double that frequency. Either way, improving the overall health environment within your commercial property should always be one of your primary goals. Commercial cleaning services can come to your commercial property, give you a professional consultation, and explain what your options are. If there are stains that have lingered for years, they can tell you whether or not they can completely remove them. Additionally, they can outline the “drying” process, eliminating the emergence of mildew. These benefits alone are important enough to justify a phone call to a local cleaning service today!