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Easy Easter Celebration Checklist

Want to have a small gathering at your home for Easter? Here is a simple checklist to involve in your planning to insure you have all the elements of a good Easter celebration to satisfy all your guest’s ages. Some suggestions can be used for larger celebrations or celebrations put on by churches or businesses […]

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Where should you begin cleaning your home this Spring? Follow your intuition! In case you have none , here is an easy list to go by. Cleaning Supply Closet You can’t clean without supplies and you can’t clean with dirty tools either. Provide yourself the inspiration to clean by sprucing up your cleaning supply closets […]

Professional Business Services You Should Consider Outsourcing

When you own a business, it’s always a good practice to outsource the things you or your team aren’t especially good at or passionate about. Finances permitting, you should keep yourself and your team doing what your business does rather than leaking the energy inefficiently in areas you’re not familiar or in love with. Here […]

Church Organization Cleaning Checklist

It’s easy to become complacent with the appearance and cleanliness of your congregation when you see it so regularly. You are unlikely to notice the things that not only your congregants see, but potential newcomers. Just like curb appeal and staging matters in the field of real estate, the way your church presents itself regularly […]

Pressure Washing 101

A pressure washer is usually a hose that is connected to running water inside a home or a building and also a running motor that creates the force or pressure behind the water, hence the name pressure wash. You’ve likely seen commercial buildings and parking lots being pressure washed to bring it to its best […]