4 Dead Give-Aways You Don’t Have a Commercial Cleaner

As a customer or guest in a commercial space, you expect a level of cleanliness to represent the quality standards of a product or service provider. If you’ve been on the business side more than you have the consumer side as of late, you may have gotten too far away from the customer’s insight. Here is a simple list providing you the basis of a standard you should regard highly. If not a conscious observation, the customer’s intuition will tell them whether or not they are spending their time or money wisely on a place based on their cleaning practices!

1. Dust

Dust bunny accumulation shows customers that no consideration is being taken on the deep cleaning front and any cleanliness and organization you do see is only on the surface. Dust is a dead give-away that you do not use a regular cleaning checklist or are too “tight” to hire and manage a good commercial cleaning service. If you are cutting corners on dusting, where else are you cutting corners the customer may ask themselves.

2. Particles On Your Carpet

Emptying trash beneath your desks is great, but it’s the loose paper, food, dirt and spills on your carpet that your customers will see. Thin commercial carpets are not the finest at hiding such eye sores. Regular manual picking up or using the non-electric push sweeper nightly will keep the carpet looking presentable between commercial vacuuming.

3. Dirty Doors and Glass

For health reasons, heavily touched items and fixtures should be dissinfected regularly. For aesthetics, glass doors, windows and cubicles need to be spot cleaned regularly because it’s often the first point of contact with a customer. Glass can work for your image, looking like an expensive and up-scale option or it can work against you and look like the local McDonald’s play area windows and doors.

4. Unmaintained Bathrooms

These are the worst! If you have bathrooms accessible by customers this point of contact should be mandated. A checklist hung in a sheet protector or a sign that reads ‘Please Let Us Know If The Restroom Needs Attention’ provide a nice touch that shows customers you care even if they weren’t maintained in the last few hours.

A walk-through of your building noting what you see with an objective eye can help you formulate a list of what you’d like done by staff or a cleaning company. These 4 things are only some of what a customer might notice during their wait in line and should be maintained by your staff or a hired cleaning professional.