Spring Cleaning Checklist

Where should you begin cleaning your home this Spring? Follow your intuition! In case you have none , here is an easy list to go by.

Cleaning Supply Closet

You can’t clean without supplies and you can’t clean with dirty tools either. Provide yourself the inspiration to clean by sprucing up your cleaning supply closets and cupboards. Do you have everything you need and is it in good condition? Are there upgrades to tools and products that will likely assist you this season? Now is the time to begin making the transition to greener cleaning products. Make a list of things that need buying or replacing such as brooms, mop heads, and all-purpose cleaning liquid to start with a few. Buy some disposable or reusable gloves, an apron, and put on some happy music you enjoy to get yourself in the mood.

Stale Air

Remove any window sealing plastic if you live in a cold weather climate and open windows as you clean. Employ every fan you own. Face fans away from you to draw stale air from the home and out the window. To cleanse the air of any odor or contaminants you might consider making a mixture of vinegar water to spray around. Consider making adjustments to your heating and cooling system in rooms of the home that don’t get good ventilation. Clean mold and mildew in bathrooms and basements with diluted bleach mixtures. Don’t take mold lightly, it’s extremely dangerous. Call a professional if you need assistance in the matter.

Typical Clutter

Typical clutter includes paper, unfinished craft projects, and excess clothes. Donate items you haven’t used in over a year and pack away clothes you won’t be wearing the next season (3-6 months from now) in rubber maid bins. Put dryer sheets in the storage containers to prevent smells from generating in the off season and be sure to seal the containers well from bug infestation or anything that would love the warmth of your clothing to nest in. Plastic garbage bags aren’t ideal. Cardboard boxes too can be a bug’s favorite place to nest.

Floors, Walls, and Surfaces

It’s likely that your surfaces have been neglected over the winter months. Many people like to clean their home from the ceiling down because it makes sense to clean falling debris only once. Your ceiling fans should be hit first with a bucket of cleanser and a cloth. Thoroughly clean corners and toe kicks of hardwood, linoleum, and tile floors. Consider renting a carpet cleaner or employing a company to do each room. It’s rather affordable. Walls, windows, and countertops, of course, should see a once-over.

Spruce Furniture

Mild soap and water in a bucket, applied with just a damp cloth is often enough to clean the surfaces of furniture, indoor and outdoor. You can also clean stuffed animals and pillows this way as well. Wooden furniture and home fixtures should be cleaned thoroughly and polished with a product designed specifically for wood or a natural oil.

Ways To Clean Energy In Your Home Or Work Space

As the sun pours through windows and wakes you earlier and earlier, and you’re able to enjoy open windows and fresh air being circulated inside by your favorite fans, you consider all the cleaning that’s not been done over the winter. In addition to actually taking a cleanser bucket and rag to every surface, wall, door, and floor, you might even consider intentionally “clearing the air” in the emotional sense. Some believe that the events that happen in your home, your stress, your thoughts and emotions can soak into all the materials that make up your home including walls, carpet, ceiling, furniture, and objects. Spring is a great time to clear your space’s energy alongside your spring cleaner. Here are other times you might consider clearing the energy:

  • When you move into a new place

  • After an argument

  • When someone moves out

  • After illness or death

  • When you bring an antique or second hand item home

  • Anytime you want good energy for a new beginning or project

Now that you’ve decided to cleanse the home, you need to choose how you’ll do it. There are several ways to do it, and the best one will be based on your preference. The act of clearing largely has to do with the energy you’re holding as you do it, so you should perform the ritual you gravitate toward. You can even forego the supplies and use only your mind by holding the intention strongly to clear the space of negative energy and energy that no longer serves you and other residents. Other popular methods are listed below.

Sage or Sandalwood

Burning an herbal bunch of Sage held together by string is a concept everyone has heard of. You can achieve the same effect (light smoke) by burning a Sandalwood incense. You should use a scent that you will enjoy and not just one you’ll tolerate and if smoke irritates you, consider making a room spray of water, a teaspoon of alcohol such as vodka for preserving and drops of your favorite essential oil. You can even add a meaningful stone or crystal to the spray bottle. If burning, the traditional method is to light it and circle it counter clockwise through each room, getting every inch of space possible, especially corners.

If you’ve burned an herb or scent that isn’t the most pleasing, you can burn something sweet afterward. Some enjoy burning a blade of sweet grass or a different incense. Open East windows and doors to air out the space to allow the energy of the sun to re-energize the space.

Purchase a Special Candle

You can purchase a special candle to dedicate to clearing your space, as well as implementing a new wish that you invest in each time you light the candle. This is a great way to manifest your desires and feel better about situations instantly. A large jar candle with a lid is best, as it burns the longest and can be transported easily. You can make your wish each time you light it, or just the first time and the energy will be imprinted to it.

White Light

Using white light is an important visualization technique of a lot of meditation practices. Many people surround themselves with white light (in their mind) on a regular basis. White light represents an energy that purifies the subjects inside it and illuminates anything it comes into contact with. The same white light can be used to cleanse your home. First, begin by imagining yourself in a white light “egg” if you will. With each deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth, imagine that egg getting larger and larger until it fills the entire room you are in. Then, imagine the white spreading to each room in your home until it’s lit up around its exterior also. Now your home is cleaned inside as well as outside, purifying energies as they walk by or enter your home’s yard and neighborhood!

Professional Business Services You Should Consider Outsourcing

When you own a business, it’s always a good practice to outsource the things you or your team aren’t especially good at or passionate about. Finances permitting, you should keep yourself and your team doing what your business does rather than leaking the energy inefficiently in areas you’re not familiar or in love with. Here are a few examples of professional services that can enhance your business by taking the things you lack passion for and knowledge about off your plate! Not all suggestions will be right for your company, so please exercise healthy discrimination when looking at your options.

Hiring and Human Resources

You can outsource hiring and human resources services to a third party company. This most often takes a lot of liability off of you. The company can screen your applicants and send you the best professionals and then take care of your human resources needs for the duration of their temporary status or indefinitely. This is one way to get around laws in your state and make sure that your human resource practices are in line to avoid law suits and hurt feelings and reputations. If human resources is not your strong suit or your company is getting too large to manage this part of your business, consider putting the responsibility on an outside company.

Web Presence Management

If only to build you a website, a web professional can help you build a brand and voice. If you need services beyond design, you can hire the same person or another professional to reply to inquiries, write blogs, and post to your social media accounts. This person might be called a virtual assistant or social media manager. Their job is to build your following, present your company professionally, and convert inquiries into money by responding quickly and referring them to the right people. Internet marketing is often the most successful approach to building a customer base and it can be extremely time consuming. The investment is small compared to the return if you choose to hire a manager of your web presence. Be sure to interview several people or companies for the position and pick the one that’s right for you.

Credit Card Processors

If you handle a lot of transactions for your company and need to keep proper paperwork such as in retail businesses, you might want to hire yourself a credit card processing company. These companies can vary as much as internet marketing professionals and offer a variety of different services. Some can provide your equipment and point of sale software that’s needed to run your business. The benefit is to take the calculations and data recording responsibility off the shoulders of your employees. The payment to the processor can be between 2%-6% or higher per transaction and sometimes can be negotiated.

Professional Cleaners

Keeping your employees hyper focused on driving your business instead of cleaning your building lobby, employee lounge, and bathrooms is a step in the right direction. It’s best to hire a company rather than a person on your payroll you have to pay taxes for, train, and manage. Let a professional cleaning company care about your image to the public and your employees worry about making their numbers! In negotiation with a cleaning company, you can ask for exactly what you want and need for your individual company, including frequency, supplies, and any special requests. You won’t be sorry!

Window Washers

Having windows can give your building a great, modern image, but if not maintained, can show badly. Professional cleaning companies usually don’t clean windows, especially large scale building windows inside and outside, so you will have to find yourself a professional window washer that has the equipment and ability to wash your large windows safely.


Curb appeal is important and you likely don’t have the talent or time to 1. Landscape your property beautifully and 2. Maintain it properly. Mowing your grass, planting and pruning the right trees and shrubs, and selecting plants that will look beautiful year round is important. Be sure to find business a reputable landscaper that can maintain your property in the long term, if only to check on it twice per year and prepare plants for winter months if you live in a cold climate. Interview several professionals and ask them their vision for your property!

Church Organization Cleaning Checklist

It’s easy to become complacent with the appearance and cleanliness of your congregation when you see it so regularly. You are unlikely to notice the things that not only your congregants see, but potential newcomers. Just like curb appeal and staging matters in the field of real estate, the way your church presents itself regularly is essential to its success. It’s important to engage several point of views when creating multiple cleaning checklists, either for your volunteers or a professional cleaning company, or both! Here are some suggestions.

Safety Walk

Walking the building to note any potential danger or repairs/extra cleaning that might need to be tackled immediately or with the next cleaning appointment is a must. This added care will not go unnoticed, especially in the children’s areas. Take steps to make de-clutter walkways and baby proof any cupboards or sharp corners. Parents will likely check out children’s areas thoroughly with their eyes before leaving children with you, so these areas should be clean and safe for their peace of mind. You want to win over children just as well as parents when you consider your visitors.


It’s likely your church is carpeted and should be vacuumed in between service days. If you have a very large building, you can break up the task logically by zones. If small, you can vacuum less and pick up visible pieces by hand. Paying attention to your flooring will improve its longevity.


Bathrooms are priority and will need to be serviced several times per day. Ample toilet paper will need to be available for each service time. One trip to the bathroom can make it in need of immediate attention. Delegating a person or crew for this job is important. The best times to look over the bathrooms are during service when it’s likely no one is in them. Keeping supplies nearby or inside a locked cabinet in the bathroom are ideal.

Disinfect High Traffic Items

Door knobs, phones, the tops of benches, counters, children’s tables, coat hangers: these are all high traffic hand-touched places that should be disinfected regularly to keep illness from penetrating the whole church. Cleanliness, in this way, is also a matter of safety. You should take responsibility for the health of your members when they are in your building. Installing first aid kits and hand sanitizing stations might be something you consider. Be sure to schedule your fire equipment inspections at least once per year as well.

Windows and Doors

One word: fingerprints. Fingerprints and smudges can bring down your cleanliness rating to viewers fast. Be sure to clean these in between or during service.


If your church is not high traffic and you only have service once or a few times per week, its easy to neglect the dusting that accumulates at the same rate as any other church. The most effective way to dust is with a rag and a bucket of cleanser and water. The second most effective way is using a microfiber rag or hand mitt that collects the dust rather than shaking it all about with traditional dusters.

Every congregation’s checklists will look different, but making several is a good idea. Some tasks need to be done weekly, monthly, or quarterly and maybe done by several different people or groups. You might have one cleaning leader who cleans the building weekly, collects volunteers monthly, and then pays a professional to come in quarterly. The most high traffic times per year at church will be at Christmas and Easter, so paying extra attention just before is ideal.

Declare War On The Germs In The Bathroom

Germs love living and thriving in your bathroom. The warm moist environment is a nice home for them to grow. If there are several people who share a bathroom, then the germs that they carry join the party. All surfaces are subject to contamination including the walls and the floor. Kill the germs and declare victory! However, the war is never over. Regular cleaning of all surfaces with a germ-killing cleaner is necessary. Let’s visit some bathroom surfaces and meet some germs that like to live there.

The Toilet

Meet E-coli, a germ that lives in the digestive tracts of infected humans and animals. If a person infected with E-coli does not wash their fecal contaminated hands after using the toilet they can spread the germ to any other surfaces. Symptoms of an E-coli infection include stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

The Sink

Meet Staphylococcus Aureus, a bacteria that is often found on human skin as well as in the nose and in the respiratory tract. It’s a common cause of skin infections. It’s very important to have clean sinks and towels if you have cuts on your hands so as not to introduce harmful bacteria to them.

The Bathtub

Meet tinea pedis, a skin infection caused by fungus. You may know this condition as athletes foot. A very contagious condition that results in red, scaly, and itchy feet. To minimize the spread of this fungus keep the bathtub and floors clean and don’t share towels. Also treat any foot infections immediately.

The Toothbrush Holder

Meet the cold and flu viruses. Cold and flu viruses can live on hard surfaces for hours. A sneeze can travel over six feet and cover a large area. It may be better to keep your toothbrush in a drawer or closet. Also, consider sanitizing your toothbrush regularly.

The Walls and Floors

All of the above and more can end up on the walls and floor. A sneeze, a splash from a flush, a splash from the sink are common occurrences. And when you walk out of the bathroom, you carry germs into other rooms on your feet. Keep that in mind when you put your feet up on the coffee table.

The Doorknob

Before you go, don’t forget to clean the doorknob. A surface that gets overlooked often.